The Hengist

The Hengist Restaurant has been operating since 1980 as a quality traditional restaurant. The Establishment was recently sold and a consortium purchased it, Astounding won the design contract and proceeded to redesigned the whole venue. We turned the former ground fine dining restaurant in to a more relaxed lounge bar now offering all day dining and maximising trading times. Antique and metallic leather plays a part in the Tuscan style design all in keeping with the traditional beams that have been there for 400 years.

We included a new fully functional Cocktail bar with relaxed seating on the 1st Floor this was branded ‘The Horsa Bar’ to keep the tradition and authenticity going for many more years. There is now a ‘Kings Table’ you can hire out to appeal to the private booth crowd that wish to have that more exclusive weekend experience.

We created an amazing fine dining experience in ‘The Crystal room’ using designer Italian lighting and crystal glass beaded wall coverings complimented with bespoke metallic silver and ivory comfortable seating and heavy glass bead curtains. The classy fine diners now have a truly sumptuous experience.

The ‘Amethyst room’ has a more masculine feel, using purple (our trade mark) leather which stretch’s floor to ceiling with padded banquette seating sitting opposite sunset orange leather lounge seats and silk curtain accessories. Everything in this room is the same tone and you feel immersed in the atmosphere.

We designed a themed ‘Suitcase Hall and Entrance’, which brings a little fun and relaxation in to the building on your arrival and departure.

The new look has been a massive success for the clients and bookings for tables, booths, rooms and as a wedding venue are continuing to grow each week.

Astounding design with all these ideas and many more elements in mind to maximise earnings potential and cover a broad base of customers for the client.

We wish David, Steve and Alan all the best in their latest project, which has been a fun and fantastic experience for all involved throughout the process.